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Team Draws & Ladders

Remember to get to your games with plenty of time to spare so coaches know you are playing but also so you get the chance to warm up and reduce injuries - we want you for the whole season not half of it!!

Ask your coach or team manager if there is a group chat or app that will help you keep up with team information - stay in the loop!

Rivaside Umpires Schedule

Umpire Co-ordinator - Lee Raynor Ph: 0432 377405

Schedules may change depending individuals availability, however if you are rostered for a game then it is your responsibility to find a replacement or contact our Umpiring Co-Ordinator.


Don't just do it and not get the accreditation, strive to improve and be the best you can be! 

Rivaside will support you along the way, keep us in the loop and we'll make it as easy as possible.

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