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Fee Guidelines - please read before registering!


Rivaside Hockey/SHA fees are now combined with Hockey Vic fees when you register and pay online.

Senior Grades               $295 Rivaside/SHA PLUS $121.00Hockey VIC registration TOTAL $416.00


Junior Grades                $160 Rivaside/SHA  PLUS  $93.00      Hockey VIC registration TOTAL $253.00


Under 11 Players           $50 Rivaside/SHA  PLUS  $20.00      Hockey VIC registration TOTAL $70.00

Additional Grades being played - Turf levies are payable per additional grades played Seniors $100, Juniors $50

Casual Player Fee $20 per game (Casual players must still be fully registered with both our club and Hockey VIC)

PAYMENT PLANS - MUST be arranged prior to registering online to ensure you're not charged the combined amount.  The separation of fees needs to be manually set up by the treasurer so please email us and let us know if you are wanting a payment plan asap.

 No player can take the field without Hockey VIC registration.  This also includes training prior to the season!

Payment Plans:

Payment Plans are available but must be arranged prior to the season commencing!  Contact our treasurer Karen Nichols to make the arrangements via 0428 070 267 or email


Payments are best set up as regular automated internet payments, and regular payments MUST be recieved for the payment plan to be active.

*If regular payments are not being recieved by week 5 then the late payment fee will automatically be added to the season invoice and will only be removed at the discretion of the committee based on regularity of part payments.

Juniors Playing Senior Games:

Juniors who chose a senior team as their main team will pay the Senior Fee applicable (team fees are fixed costs and not based on per player numbers).  Juniors who play up to assist with numbers will pay a $100 turf levy once they reach 5 games.   

Junior players who are unsure how many games they may be playing in higher grades can pay junior registration fees and a notice will be issued once the game tally has been reached, with an adjustment invoice being issued.

Casual Player Arrangements:

Casual players are advised to contact us via email regarding fee requirements, but note that Hockey Vic registration must be paid prior to the taking to the field and players must be registered with the club prior as well.

*Teams utilising casual players should make players aware of the registration process and casual fee of $20 per game and can be paid by the team collectively if it benefits the outcomes for the team but this needs to be dealt with by the team as a whole - it is NOT a committee decision.

Sticking Together - There's No Hurdles in Hockey

We appreciate that at times things can get tough and although our club doesn't have a formal process for assistance we would like to support Sunraysia Hockey Association who currently has opportunities through the Sticking Together Program which may be of assistance to women/children at risk of disconnecting with sport because of hardships they may be experiencing or have experienced.


Contact for more information or see the pdf attachment for more details about the program.


Pay it Forward Fund - A Future Plan

If you would like to help us help others we would be keen to start a fund that can pay it forward - contribute by donating to our club account and use the reference "Pay it Forward Fund" and assist others who may be in need of assistance.  If you would like to be involved in the process of developing this program contact us today!

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